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The Girl:

Or as most people call me, Sabbie
Ashley is my Christian name
I'm officially 17 this year :] Born on 19th Sept.
Paris & the Eiffel Tower makes me go uuu lala.
Hoping to enjoy everyday as much as possible! :]


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 11:03 PM

stefanie is awesome. and no, this is really sabrina posting. yes, i think stefanie is really frickin awesome and i cant live without her HAHAHAHAHA

i is not drunk kthxbai :)

oh, this is a photo of her awesomeness :

Saturday, February 13, 2010, 5:32 PM
Hunny, i'm home!!

I'm home for Chinese New Year! Freaking happy, ecstatic, zealous! Just came back from NS yesterday morning.. Gawd, camp has been... I don't know what's the word.. Tiring, torturing, boring, hot? But apart from that, it has been fun & enjoyable. I met loads of new friends! :) I'm going back to camp on the 16 :( Anyway, no time to lose now. Have to get ready for CNY's eve :)

I just wanna wish everybody a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! GONG XI FA CAI! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009, 8:41 PM
The Voice Within.

I'm literally shaking. It's like, such a kantoi, busted moment. My boy just came to my house to hang out & have a chat with me a while ago. My family members weren't home & i was home alone. You see, only my mom & sis knows about him but my dad totally doesn't. & i plan to keep it that way. He's quite old fashion & you know, i don't know how to tell him about us. He's not so open minded about me dating yet. I guess i'm still his "little girl".

So, anyway, just when my boy went out of the house, MY DAD ARRIVES HOME. Shit! I acted like nothing happened & said goodbye to my boy when deep down inside, i was shaking in fear. My dad just drove the car & acted like nothing happen. But i know he knew something was up. But thankfully, he didn't say anything till now.

I am so damn afraid of my dad albeit the fact that i despise him. But thank God he hasn't opened his mouth. But obviously, the gig is up..


Tuesday, December 22, 2009, 5:47 PM

It has been a long long while since i've updated my blog. I guess blogging used to be the 'it' thing months ago. But wtheck, updating for the sake of updating. Anyway, SPM is so over!! I'm overly happy about it but then again, sad.. ;( I won't get to see the friends i see everyday for 5 years. I'll have to face the world on my own now. It can't be that bad, right? *fingers crossed*

& knn mcb, i got selected for National Service! Batch one, located in Bintulu. I have to admit, i'm damn annoyed & angry. I have to skip KL & KK trip just to attend this camp. No offence to the "oh-so-smart" goverment but you sure know how to make a girl feel miserable. & yes, you might be thinking, why can't i just postpone it to the second batch? I'd love to know that answer too since the father doesn't allow =.= Knn mcb, i hate him so much.

Anywho, instead of sulking about it, why not just have fun every single day before i head off to Bintulu, right? :) That means partying & a i-couldn't-care-less attitude towards the father. Sorry for my oh-so-fake-joyous attitude but yeah.

p.s More updates to come! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009, 2:53 PM
A Little Bit Longer.

Oh gosh. I've been pushing myself to study since SPM is just around the corner! 3 more weeks to be exact. Wtf. I'm feeling the pressure & i'm damn nervous for it. I can't wait for it to be freaking over & it will officially be merdeka for us. I have no time to lose & yeah yeah i know, then what am i doing updating my blog? Cause i need a break for a while. & my blog is sooo dead.

Anyway, my friends & i went swimming at Marriott courtesy of Jack (Hui Thing's bf) :) Just a brief update about it..

I love this shot of Hui Thing :)


Desmond & a very tired looking Harry.

Who's the fairest of them all?

Wen trying a hand in volleyball.

Me & Shin Chai.

Everybody! Pray for me for my upcoming exams! :) I hope i'll do well in it *fingers crossed*

Monday, September 21, 2009, 11:27 PM
Sweet Dreams.

I am officially sick! :S I'm down with the flu. I think i just used up a box of tissues. All full of snot! :P Anyway, i celebrated my birthday with my friends on Saturday & went swimming the day before. Janet was rocking her bikini :)

Ah Girl's aunty's humongous house.

Janet, Wen & I.


Ah Girl is so shy!



My babe & i.

Do, Re, Mi.


Kelvin disturbing Wen since, well, she can't reach the floor :P

After swimming shot.

Me & WenWen at Al Fresco for my birthday.

Group shot!

I LOVE what Hui Thing did for me! :)

Made by Hui Thing! :) Lenglui forever la ho.

Hui Thing couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes.

Framed the portrait Thing's done for me ;)


I enjoyed my night :) Thanks guys. Appreciate it a lottttt.
Wanna thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday regardless of text messages or even facebook :P
Mmmm kay, byebye!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 5:37 AM
Like a Concert!

At 6am on a Sunday morning, i was woken up by a phone call. I couldn't go back to sleep after that, so i went to the loo to brush teeth & wash my face. Went back to the room to online & decided to get a cup of drink for myself. Went back upstairs & realised that the key to the house was missing! I searched for the key everywhere! From the toilet to the kitchen sink, from the brother's room to the parents' room.

It was about 7 something by then so i woke Stef up who was sleeping like a ballerina. Her body pose on the bed looked like a ballerina's with the whole arms above the head & pointed feet :P She reluctantly woke up because we did not have enough sleep that night. But in the end, she too realised the key was gone & with her "brain power", searched the key by memory. She actually post mortem the time we arrived home & divided them into sequences.

Sequence 1:
Arrived home, unlocked the door, took heels off, ran up to the room to wake the brother up to turn off the alarm. While i was slacking behind, too tired to bother bout anything else. I closed & locked the door. I sat on the sofa, slowly taking off my wedges & sloowwwlllyyy walked upstairs.

Sequence 2:
Stef ran up the stairs, knocked on the brother's room door & woke him up. He looked at her with this WTF face cause he didn't know we were sleeping over but turn off the alarm anyway. She closed the door & went into Ai Yin's room.

Sequence 3:
By the time i got there, Stef was already in bed clothes while i plopped onto the bed, 3 quarters asleep. Force myself up to change & about 2 minutes later, i was in heaven. Stef onlined for about 5 minutes & joined me sleeping afterwards.

None of the sequences involved the house keys!! So where oh where did those keys have gone to?

Me : Could it still be at the door? At the keyhole there..
Stef : CONFIRM not there. I CONFIRM brought it in the house. But i just don't know where...
Me : Are you sure? None of your sequences involved keys bo.
Stef : But i brought it in.........

So, to prove her wrong, we went downstairs & unlocked the main door. & alas, it was still inserted in the keyhole, ever ready for a stranger to welcome themselves in. It was there the whole night! But we just burst out laughing at the stupidity. Wtf, if someone actually saw it there, who knows what they would've done.

Me : CONFIRM not there ho? *ahem*
Stef : *giggles*

Anyway, pictures from Saturday night :)

In Ai Yin's room.


Me, Steffy & LesLex.


Haha, obviously they were a little tipsy already.

I love this photo of Stef! :)

Anyway, off to do some real work :P Raya's coming soon. Yummy! Rendangs, curries.. Mmmmmm, kay. Byebye!